Boston I/O

February 15, 2014

A free event for Boston-area college students

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At Boston I/O, leading designers & developers speak about the technologies and techniques used to power today's web and mobile web world.


Speakers at Boston I/O each give 10-minute talks about technology and techniques.

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Who's Going?

Check out who else is coming to Boston I/O.

  • Erickpinos?size=large
    Erick Pinos


  • Mojiashen1?size=large
    Mojia Shen

    Wellesley College

  • Selebluelty?size=large


  • Avatar placeholder
    Andrew Sy

    Northeastern University

  • Nimnimapp?size=large
    Nimish Sahani

    suffolk university

  • Avatar placeholder
    Rich Smith

    Greenwich University

  • Gwulfs?size=large
    Gideon Wulfsohn


  • Murutherealguru?size=large
    Joseph Muruguru

    Boston University

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