About the conference

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Boston I/O is a single-day event for Boston-area college students, held on Saturday, February 15, 2014, at Microsoft New England Research & Development Center in Kendall Square.

The conference is totally free for students. Register for free now.


Boston I/O is a conference aimed to get students excited about open source technologies and modern techniques that real-world startups are using every day.

We want them to come out of this conference inspired to try what they've learned with the other students and companies that meet here.

The speakers and their talks

The speakers at this conference were carefully chosen. They are top designers and developers from organizations that we believe are making the internet a better place.

They will each give a 10-minute talk demonstrating the power of a technology or technique. The talks are not necessarily "intro" talks. They should each have a "wow" factor.

The employers

After the talks, designers and developers from hiring companies will be available to meet and recruit students.

We encourage students to ask them what the culture is like, what kind of technical challenges they've dealt with, some open source projects their team has contributed, or anything else that might be valuable in evaluating them as a potential employer.

After the conference

We expect that employers will contact students they are interested in interviewing.

We encourage students to maintain contact with connections they've made at the conference, following each other on Twitter, GitHub, or Dribbble.

We hope students will take advantage of the What's Next? section to do some self-directed learning and attend local user groups like the Boston Ruby Group or Boston Front End Developers.

Who are we?

I am Melissa Xie of thoughtbot and I'm the organizer and emcee of the event.

thoughtbot is a 65-person software design and development firm. We have offices in Boston, San Francisco, Stockholm, Denver, Philadelphia, Raleigh, and New York City. We consult for startup clients like BuyWithMe (sold to Gilt Groupe), Where.com (sold to eBay), Strobe (sold to Facebook), LevelUp, Iora Health, Crowdtap, CareZone, CoachUp, Darby Smart, InTheKnow, and more. We specialize in design, Ruby on Rails, and iOS. We are frequent open source contributors.

I'd like to thank Dan Croak, for organizing the previous Boston I/O conferences and helping me out with this one as well, and Lisa Sy, for designing this website.